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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Audio Book of the Week - Little Women

My kids love it when I read aloud, and I read aloud as I can. Ideally for me I would like to read aloud about 2 hours throughout the day. But reality is, with taking care of a toddler, homeschooling two different ages, and having to keep up with housework, 2 hours a day doesn't happen often.

Right now I am able to manage about 1 hour in the morning before we start on math and memorization. That one hour includes bible devotions, and a few chapters from our current read aloud book.
But fortunately, there are a lot of audio books that I can supplement with. I can use online audio books in my place during the afternoon listening time.

The girls can listen to the audio books while they do quiet time activities like drawing, coloring, playdough, or practice knitting. They love listening to poetry, and stories.

My favorite source for online audiobooks is Librivox.org. All the audiobooks in the archives are free and public domain. However, all of the recordings were done by volunteers, so the quality varies. But I have been mostly satisfied with the recordings we have listened to so far.
A big plus is that they can be listened to via online audio streaming, download to save on the computer, or burn them to CD to take along with us in the car.

This week we are listing to "Little Women" by L.M. Alcott
Click on the player below to start the audio stream of all the chapters or go to this archive page to get the player for yourself.