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Monday, September 15, 2008

Grocery money math...

Today we shelved our books. Normally our school week is Monday thru Thursday. But today was the day we needed to go grocery shopping, so food uspured textbook scooling for the day.

But we did do some schooling. We practiced our times tables. Such as, when I got canned tuna, I asked Jordan to put 10 cans in the cart. She counted the cans by two. And then figured out how many times she had to count by 2s to get to 10. She figured out that she counted 5 times... so therefore 2 x 5 was 10. We expanded on that by figuring up how many times she had to count by 2 if we had 14 cans, or 20 cans, or 8 cans, etc....

I know it was fairly basic... but it was a good example of how multiplication tables work. It was also a great opportunity to review counting by other numbers, such as 3s and 5s, and example how those numbers fit into the times tables as well.

We also did comparison shopping in pricing. We learned to compare a certain unit of something, such as turkey breast. Boneless turkey breast was $.21 an ounce. Bone in turkey breast was $.10 per ounce. Jordan learned that it's important to compare prices so we can get the most for the money we spend and get a great deal.

We listened to books on tape in the car, and repeated a poem... so there was literature squezzed in there.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Creation Science vs. Evolution..

Don't you love it when God meets your needs when you don't even think to ask Him??

Recently we've started with a mostly classical style of education. In Classical Education, History starts at the beginning, during ancient history. One thing I've wrestled with is how to teach ancient history using the recomended books and still be in line with what the bible teaches.

All of the books I've found on TWWM "recommended" list are heavily indoctrinated with Evolution and teach evolution as a fact, not a theory. Although I know evolution is not true, I just wasn't sure how to explain to my daughters why, and what evidence backs up that fact.

Well.. Yesterday help basically fell into my email in box. Cindy Rushton, in her Talk a Latte Chats, is hosting a series of online seminars directed at kids to teach creation science.

The first one in the series is Learn 5 Things Evolutionists Don’t Want Your Kids to Know with Felice Gerwitz. This was given yesterday afternoon and was for free!
We all sat around on the couch: Me with a good book to catch up on, Jordan with paper and pencil ready to copy notes, and Joelle with her paper and Crayons.

Felice was great at explaining things at the kids level. Something I just don't know how to do yet. And we all learned so much.

There is another free class today. Learn 5 Things Evolutionists Don’t Want Your Kids to Know with Felice Gerwitz is again today at 1:00pm CST. The link to get into the chat is here:

I would highly encourage anyone who happens to stop by here to stop by Cindy's website. She packs all of her websites with tons of freebies!