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Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting ready to roll again

We've taken an extended break from our normal routine, longer than I would of liked. But we will be leaving for vacation the next few weeks, and it didn't seem logical to start school only to interrupt it a few weeks later with vacation.

So we'll be "restarting school" after we get back from family vacation in mid August.

I am excited, and almost giddy. This is the most wonderful time of the year for me. I love shopping for school and office supplies.

I've cleared out books we no longer need or use at the moment, and re organized the book shelves. I printed out planning pages, started organizing the binders, and writing down goals and objectives for the current year. I started organizing the curriculum and resources for each subject, and making note of what I still need to purchase after vacation.

I'm also thinking hard about exactly what we should be focusing on during the next year, and what can be considered extras. I'm heavily leaning towards keeping the 3Rs (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) as the main focus of each educational day, and having extras be touched on once or twice each week.

We have some major changes ahead in regard to my husbands work. So our life will be bumped into overdrive within the next year, possibly the next 3 months. So I need to make sure to keep each and every day we devote to academics and learning be as simple as possible.

My earnest prayer is that I would make my plans, but God would direct my steps in every area of planning and preparation.

I will be updating my blog here with resources weekly again starting mid August.