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Monday, August 16, 2010

Book of the Week - Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

Shakespeare was a wonderful writer who instructed with delight and amusement. His writings are full of wisdom, proverbs, and witty little gems. It is easily argued that his works are the highest esteemed of English Classical literature, aside from the Bible. And that Shakespeare was the world's greatest dramatist of all time.

A few months ago I shared Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb.

Recently we found another version of Shakespeare stories written for children by Edith Nesbit.

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare was written in a simple style, easily understood by children, yet still retains the wittiness and wisdom that delights and entertains so many.

I downloaded this version for my family to listen to on our road trip to Colorado while on vacation. We listened to this most of the way there, and my girls enjoyed it immensely.
So far our favourite Shakespeare story is "As You Like It".

An audio version is available Librivox.org. You can go to the Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare archive page for the chapter by chapter playlist or MP3 download. Or click play below to hear Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare from the beginning.

You may also download the Ebook version for you to print out, or read on ereader, at the Project Gutenburg Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare page.

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