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Monday, August 9, 2010

Book of the Week - Raggedy Ann Stories

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Raggedy Ann Stories by John B. Gruelle

Almost every grown up girl remembers having their very own rag doll. If not, then it is very possible that they are living a little vicariously through their own little daughters, or little nieces.
Whether it's having tea party, dress up, doctor and nurse, tomboyish romps through the fields, or pretending to be little mommies, most little girls have a little doll friend to accompany them.
The stories in Raggedy Ann strike a semblance in every little girls childhood. Whether it's playing tea party, dress up, doctor and nurse, tomboyish romps through the fields, or pretending to be little mommies. It's a good chance that you can identify with at least one chapter within this book.
If you haven't ever read Raggedy Ann, it's time that you do. If you've never had a little rag doll, relive a second childhood just a bit and find yourself a little rag doll friend.

An audio version is available Librivox.org. You can go to the Raggedy Ann Stories internet archive page for the chapter by chapter playlist or MP3 download. Or click play below to hear Raggedy Ann Stories from the beginning

You may download the book version for your E-reader or to print out here at Project Gutenberg Raggedy Ann Stories Page


mommyx12 said...

We love these stories. I was so excited to find them. I have them on my ereader.

Angela Childress said...

We love them too! We downloaded both this one and the Raggedy Andy stories for our time in the car on vacation!

Heather said...

We love them, too! I would love them just for the pictures!